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Writing and Related Communications Expertise

I love the challenge of launching projects from scratch. The bulk of my 25-year writing career has been devoted to start-up organizations, first at the San Diego Supercomputer Center for 15 years, then at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (also known as Calit2) for seven years. Both are research institutes at UC San Diego.

My success has been based on the diversity of my writing, editing, and information analysis. This diversity helps me connect unconnected dots across disciplines to create more unusual, compelling stories. My projects have been varied in terms of disciplinary topic, technical level (target audience), and length. Many of these projects I volunteered to do (outside of my immediate job description) because I perceived the need for my services. This often meant I worked with new people, so the first order of business was to develop constructive relationships with them.

It has been typical for me to be the lone writer/editor at the table, often the only woman, and more often than not the only one present without a Ph.D. That situation might have produced anxiety, but I realized early in my career that it was a good thing because I stood to learn a lot.

I relish doing the whole process, soup to nuts, myself: research, interviewing, information analysis, tagline development, story telling, and website development.

But I've also been successful managing extreme-scale projects and contributors with a broad range of expertise: scientific, technical, educational, web programming, design, and finance. These types of projects have required more of a focus on editing and keeping all participants headed in the same direction to meet an immobile deadline. Academics refer to this as "shepherding cats." I'm good with cats. I try to "pester" rather than annoy. It's a crucial distinction.

Specifically, I've done these kinds of projects, which reflect my versatility:

I also have experience hiring and working with